Lengthen to Fence for Members and Framing

Video: https://youtu.be/QvCG6aO-8BE

Instructions from Video:

For today’s tooltip, we will review “Lengthen to Fence” feature for members. This feature allows you to lengthen one or a group of members at the same time to a new length.

For our first example, select Insert>Insert Groups. Select and then left-click insert the Pergola from the catalog options on the right onto the drawing screen.

In this group, there were several members put together to form a pergola. In 3D, we can see the pergola. For our application we want the length of the pergola to be 15’ so all of the members have to be longer. To easily accomplish this, we will use the lengthen to fence feature. First, insert a dimension to mark the 15’ desired length of the pergola. Select Tools>Dimensions>Linear Dimension.

Left-click to start the dimension on the end pergola edge and moving the cursor away, type 15’ and hit Enter. A 15’ dimension attaches to the cursor, stretch it away from the pergola and left click to set it. The extension line of the dimension is going to be a fence edge to extend the members to.

Left-click and hold down the left mouse button to cross through the members. This will select them once the left mouse button is released. Once they are all selected, right-click and select Lengthen to Fence.

Left-click on the 15’ dimension line and then move towards the pergola. This line is a fence and the members will automatically extend to it when you left-click again. That is a quick way of lengthening the members in that pergola.

The next example is exposed rafter tails. In the example model, a roof has been modeled where we need to extend the rafters out past the fascia board. The first step is to convert the roof framing into individual framing members. To do that select Insert>Members>Convert Framing to members.

Left-click on the roof surface. The roof framing is converted to individual members. Now draw a construction line out past the roof edge 6”. Select Tools>Layout>Line.

Left-click on the edge of the fascia and then move the cursor away from the roof. As the cursor moves away, type 6” and the commander area of the screen will accept the dimensions. Hit enter and a 6” line is drawn.

Move the cursor down to form the fence line and left-click again. Right-click and select Finish.

That line is the fence line to use to extend the rafters. Hold down the left mouse button and cross through the rafters, when you release the left mouse button they are selected. Right-click and select Lengthen to Fence.

Left-click on one end of the line and then left-click on the other end of the line. The rafters extend. Looking at the roof in 3D we can see the exposed rafter tails. I hope that makes your work easier!