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SDS a Camera Lock option is a great idea…..  I’d also like to see ability to color the 2D color lines , or maybe when locked they are Red.

The method I use is to insert cameras where needed and name them.

Use 2 monitors and in the 2D Plan View access the cameras, If you have the other view in 3D AND click on it to activate that view, you can move to the 2D view and select any camera which should switch the 3D view. Easy way to jump around the model.

All but one of the cameras are then in the position I want, or I add more.

But the concept is to have ONE specific camera named ‘WALK’ .  This one I use to move freely without affecting the others.

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Walls are special, if you want colors textures to ‘stick’ you have to assign all the textures you want and rename it. Or assign textures in the Trim option, which can mean multiple custom trims…..

Using the paint brush is only good if all work is completed. As you state, move a wall or add a window / door  and the wall reverts to Catalog settings.



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